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Micro Form 8K HDMI Cable

  • Discrete design for tight spaces and compact installations
  • Transmit all video resolutions up to and including 8K
  • Ultra High Speed with Ethernet
  • Supports the latest HDR resolutions including HDR10/10+ and Dolby Vision
  • Supports eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel)

Our Micro Form 8K cable range combines robust performance with value for the custom installation market.
This range of 48Gbps HDMI cables support video resolutions including 4K 120Hz and 8K 60Hz.

HDMIM8K-1 1 meter
HDMIM8K-2 2 meter
HDMIM8K-3 3 meter
HDMIM8K-5 5 meter
HDMIM8K-7 7 meter
HDMIM8K-10 10 meter
HDMIM8K1-25 1 meter
HDMIM8K2-15 2 meter
HDMIM8K3-10 3 meter
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